Here at Legendary Golf Getaways, quite simply, we have chosen the best of the best in only offering two Golfing Packages here in the Golfing Capital of the World and Scotland/Ireland. (we only offer a Premier Luxury Package & Classic Moderate Package) We figure if you are going to take the time to make the trip and spend five days/three days golfing with us, then why cut short your golfing experience by using average or below average golf courses. We understand that there is no way that you are going to have expert knowledge and or insight to all the 303 golf courses in our area (26 mile radius) or nearly as many across the pond. That’s where we come in, this is what we do best. We know these golf courses and area inside and out. And all we want is for your golfing experience to be over the top and exceed your high expectation. Our business and more importantly our reputation was built on quality and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My name is Michael DeVolder, I live in Naples full time and I own Florida Golf I take immense pride in personally having selected the very best accommodations and Golf Courses to meet both our high standards.

This is interesting…if you were able to ask 100 golfers who live in the Naples area full time and who are your above average golfing enthusiasts to name the “Top Five Public and Semi-Private Golf Courses” in the immediate Naples area, I can guarantee that the courses I selected for your golf package would be in their list. Active golfers here in the Naples area love and admire and respect these golf courses that were handpicked for you.

What makes us different and more special than our friendly competitors.

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  2. We offer daily lunches at the course club house restaurant on the days you golf.

  3. We host a “Welcome Reception” on the beach Sunday evening.

  4. Due to our large volume of booking hotel rooms during peak time, we receive substantially lower rates and we pass the huge savings on to you.

  5. With our relationship with the golf courses we receive preferential treatment in securing tee times.

  6. My name is Michael DeVolder, I live in Naples full time, it’s a very good chance we will actually meet on your Naples Trip or I will be your guide in Scotland/Ireland

  7. Once here, you will have my personal mobile number if by chance an unexpected issue was to spring up.

  1. Fill out the attached registration and pay in full or leave a small deposit.

  2. Gather your golfing friends together and come to sunny fabulous Naples when it’s cold and cloudy up north. Come and golf in sunny warm Paradise!

  3. * If February and especially March (with the College Spring Breakers) are maybe your two months for coming down, I highly suggest booking as early as you can!

  4. Rent a car at the airport for your group (we do not supply shuttle transportation to and from the golf courses)

  5. Ship your golf clubs down to the hotel or we can make arrangements for you to rent some at each course.