First, get in touch with us with email or by calling. We will discuss what you would like to get from a golf trip to St Andrews, Scotland and Ireland. We’ll put together an itinerary just for you and the cost of your package.


Once your itinerary has been agreed, we’ll send an invoice for the total cost. Booking will be confirmed once we verified your deposit payment. Please read also Terms and Conditions for more detail.


Q. How far ahead should I plan my trip?

The more time we have the better. Ideally from 12 to 18 months in advance to ensure the best deal to play on the Old Course. However we will always be able to help you out what ever time of year.


Q. How does daily Ballot work to play the Old Course?

This is where we assist you to enter names in a ballot 48 hours before the day of play. At 4 o’clock pm the same day of entering we will find out if you were successful. There are no guarantees of success however over 50% of tee times are allocated by this way. Changes to itinerary might be made if a tee time has been allocated.


Note- single golfers cannot enter the ballot.


Each player will be required to provide the following information to enter the ballot-


Names, Handicaps and Home clubs of all golfers.


Single golfers – Single golfers who wish to play the Old Course without a tee time should check in at the Old Pavilion on the day of play. Early check in advised. The Starters will do their best for you to join a two or three ball group. Most golfers are welcome to single golfers joining them however there are no guarantee.


Q. How do we play the Old Course at St Andrews?

There is hardly a golfer anywhere in the world who doesn’t dream of playing where most historians agree the game was born over 600 years ago. There are five (5) ways for visiting golfers to play the Old Course. The process is very precise. In any planning, know that the Old Course is used by several different member clubs in St. Andrews, hosts several competitions, and is normally closed on Sundays. Tee times for visitors are quite limited and usually sell out quickly. Handicap limit for men is 24, for women it is 36.


For an advance guaranteed tee time, there are 3 ways to success —


We make application for you.  We make application to St. Andrews, on your behalf, for a preferred tee times package.  As above, names, home clubs and proofs of handicaps to necessary to apply.


Our several established accommodation relationships.  Tee times through guest houses and hotels we work with.  Dates and availability are limited, and names, home clubs and proofs of handicaps are necessary.


The one that most golfers hear about — the daily Lottery or Ballot. This is the way most available tee times are allocated. The Ballot process provides tee times about 24 hours prior to play, for groups of 2-4. We enter your names into the daily Old Course Ballot, on the day prior to the desired day of play (Monday for Tuesday play, etc.). If successfully drawn, greens fees are paid directly to the Starter at the first tee. There is no limit to the number of days a group can enter the Ballot. As above, handicap restrictions apply and St. Andrews requires names, home clubs and proofs of handicaps to enter the Ballot.


If these advance options fail, the last option is to approach the Starter very early or very late on the day of play to be slotted in. This is typically the only way for a single golfer to play, and certainly an option for a party of two if the Ballot is unsuccessful. (It is highly unlikely that a group of 3 or 4 golfers will have success this way.)  Greens fees are paid directly to the Starter.


NOTE: Occasionally we do have a 2-ball or 3-ball party with advance guaranteed tee times that seek an additional player — so ask us.


Q. Is there a handicap restriction on the Old Course?

To play the Old Course you must possess a valid handicap certificate. Maximum handicap of 24 for Gents and 36 for Ladies.


Q. What group size do you cater for?

Whether you are a single golfer or a small group we will cater for you.


Q. Not all play golf; what can non-golfers do in the Scotland, England and Ireland?

We know that not every spouse or traveling companion is a golfer. We believe there is no reason for a non-golfer to stay behind at home or be bored! We can arrange for exciting tours or simply offer suggestions on activities for a non-golfer to do. These tours might include castles, historic sites and museums, galleries and gardens, scenic tours and shopping, crafts and antiques.


Q. How can I make payments?

Payments can be made with credit card.


Q. What is the best time of year to play golf in Scotland?

The best time of year to visit is from March to October. However, there is no guarantee of perfect conditions during that time. Golf can be enjoyed all year round on Links course as fairways and greens remain firm normally. As long as you have the correct clothing, winter golf can be as much fun as the summer. On Links trust courses including The Old Course, mats are used during the winter.


Q. What is the weather like in Scotland and Ireland?

With sea on three sides in Scotland and all around Ireland, the weather is very varied. When on the coasts, rain and sea breezes are a probability. Inland, there is less wind. Golf courses and sightseeing attractions rarely close due to bad weather.

Come prepared for all sorts of possible weather: bring a sweater, good quality rain gear and accessories, shorts, golf shirts and sunscreen.


Q. Will my cell phone work in the UK?

Please check with your carrier for international calls. If required we will assist in getting you a local cell phone and get you connected.


Q. Can you organize tours outside Scotland?

YES!, upon request, we will arrange any golf tours outside Scotland within the UK and Ireland. We have extensive experience with golf in the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland.


Q. What is the best airport for me to arrive into?

From the U.S. fly in to Edinburgh. Dundee and Inverness airports have also direct flights from London.


Q. What is the difference between parkland and links golf?

Traditional Links Golf Courses sit on land that is adjacent to the sea. The ground is normally much firmer than parkland and is mainly sand based due to the course position. Links courses are normally laid out using natural terrain utilizing the natural humps, bumps and sand dunes. Bunkers are usually deeper than Parkland courses and the sand is much coarser. Bunkers are usually smaller, deeper and riveted. Links courses do not normally feature trees but are more likely to have whin and gorse bushes and are more likely to be wind affected than the parkland courses.


Q. What clothing should I bring?

Weather in the UK and Ireland can be unpredictable and we advise clients to bring suitable clothing to cater for inclement weather. It is not likely to be extremely cold during the months that we advise for travel; however, a waterproof rain suit is a must, just in case it should rain on the golf course, which of course “it never does”


Q. How far in advance should I book a trip to ensure best availability?

Our best advice is to decide on your preferred trip and confirm the dates as soon as possible, for everything is a component of availability. If you are traveling during high season, the golf courses can have significant demand and sooner we are able to submit your groups request for tee times and similarly to the hotels, the likelihood of securing your exact, preferred schedule is enhanced.


Q. What is the optimum size of a group?

Every group has different dynamics but we believe that groups of 8 travelers are more preferred, for two reasons; (1) a group of 8 people remains small enough that everyone can interact with each other easily and (2) in terms of access to golf tee times and hotel arrangements we have found this size of group to be the easiest to accommodate. Of course, we are delighted to assist with groups of 2 to 150 travelers..


Q. What is the minimum length of a Legendary Golf Getaways trip?

Seven nights at the destination.


Q. Are golf carts available?

Most of the time, they are not. But they are available at certain golf courses and we provide this information in your day by day schedule.


Q. How do I reserve a caddie and what is the cost?

As part of the booking process, you select whether you wish a caddie and that requests is entered into our system and we shall follow through on your behalf. Caddies shall generally be approximately 40 pounds sterling or 50 euros in Scotland & Ireland.


Q. Are caddies required for Scotland and Ireland golf vacation packages?

No. However, both countries are lands of walkers and on most of the courses golf carts (buggies) are not available. Pull carts (trolleys) are generally available. In any event, plan on walking the links!


Q. What kind of transportation is available for my group?

We offer trips either with a Concierge Driver or on a self-drive basis in rental cars and mini vans


Q. We have others interested in joining us on our vacation; can they be added after we book?

Yes, subject of course to availability at the golf courses and hotel.


Q. What are the trip booking requirements?

For Legendary Golf Getaways to book your trip, we require the golf arrangements, hotel accommodations and land transportation. This ensures that we are fully and completely responsible for your vacation. Airfare will be your responsibility.


Q. I want to book. What do you now need from all tour participants to put into place?

We require a complete reservations form for each traveler


Q. I do not know all the participant’s names at this time. Can we still book and the names be provided at a later stage?

Yes, but we still require a deposit for each traveler, regardless of whether we have their name. Be aware some golf clubs require the names of all players at time of booking


Q. When will all arrangements be confirmed?

All arrangements shall be confirmed as soon as the last golf club confirms your exact tee time back to Legendary Golf Getaways. Depending on the destination and time period, this will generally be 7 – 10 months prior to departure. Of course, at any time, we will be delighted to provide you with the tee times currently confirmed. If you are booking your trip at a time when all of the facilities are confirming reservations immediately for the upcoming season, we ordinarily confirm your arrangements back to you the next business day after receipt of your reservations forms.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?


MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express


Q. What if I have to cancel my trip?

Our cancellations policies are clearly defined on our reservations form and we would encourage you to read them in advance of booking your trip. We do permit name changes as described in the terms & conditions of the reservations form.


Q. Can we make any amendments to our schedule once the booking is confirmed?

Yes. There is a nominal administrative fee but changes can be made up to 2 months of travel.


Q. When will I receive final travel information?

We ordinarily distribute final travel information approximately 40 to 30 days in advance of departure. This includes all hotel contact details for your trip along with other pertinent information.


Q. What travel documents do I need to provide?

A valid passport and driver’s license (if driving car).


Q. What is best way to transport my clubs?

While some golfers like to utilize hard side golf bag carriers, we have found them to be very awkward once you arrive at the destination. Without doubt they provide excellent protection from the airlines, but they do not store well in your hotel, coach or rental car as they are quite bulky. We would suggest a travel bag like Club Glove or similar which provides significant protection but also collapses for storage.


Q. Can I ship my golf clubs ahead of me to my destination?

Yes, we highly suggest doing that. We would recommend Sports Express (www.ShipSticks.com) One piece of advice if you decide to ship ahead…only pack your basic golf equipment. Customs officials do not like to see sweaters and other clothing in these bags…not even your laundry on the way home!


Q. What cash should I take to the destination?

Most items can be paid via a credit card at the destination, e.g. restaurants, hotel extra accounts, etc. You will require cash for caddies and we suggest using your ATM card to secure local currency, once you arrive at your destination.


Q. Will anyone from Legendary Golf Getaways be visible during our golf outing?

Upon arrival at your final destination (not connecting airport) a Legendary Golf Getaways representative shall be in the arrivals hall with a Legendary Golf Getaways sign with your group leaders name on it. Our personnel shall be wearing a Legendary Golf Getaways sweater or shirt and shall remain with you throughout the arrival process, until you are either safely into your coach or your rental car with directions.


Q. Will I need a coat and tie?

A few golf clubs and hotels require this for complete access to their facilities. If you are in doubt, please ask your golf travel specialist who can assist, relative to your trip.


Q. What can I expect from my Concierge Driver and what level of gratuity is expected?

On tours with our Concierge Driver you should expect him to “manage” your experience. He will remain with you throughout, from your arrival at the airport until departure. His duties are far more than driving you, but rather he will pro-actively anticipate your needs, assist with dinner reservations, check in and out of hotels and golf courses and generally be a trusted travel manager. In your final travel package, we provide guidelines for gratuities.


Q. If my departure is delayed from the U.S., who should I call?

Call Legendary Golf Getaways immediately you know of a delay in your arrival so that we may try to re-schedule your golf and alert other travelers in your group. (no guarantee we can)


Q. Can you assist with dinner suggestions?

YES…If you would like to make dinner reservations in advance of departure we can gladly share this information with you before departure. Please advise your golf travel specialist.


Q. Can you assist with sightseeing suggestions?

Legendary Golf Getaways provides sightseeing suggestions for self drive travelers at your destination. Your Concierge Driver can provide sightseeing options on escorted tours.


Q. Can we book additional golf while at our destination?



Q. What local assistance do you provide on self drive tours?

We provide a 24 hour emergency number which will provide assistance throughout your stay.


Q. Will my automobile and medical insurance be valid?

Please ask your local insurance agent. Legendary Golf Getaways includes insurance with each self drive program, the exact inclusions vary by destination and we strongly encourage you to be familiar with the terms of the coverage.


Q. What is the electricity supply?

We suggest you travel with an adapter which is designed for your destination.


Q. Should I take my laptop to check my email or will the hotels have internet access?

This varies by hotel and we provide this information prior to departure.


Q. Can we customize our itinerary?

Yes! While we offer several outstanding golf vacation package itineraries to domestic and international destinations, like Scotland, England and Ireland, we will work closely with you to meet your objectives and make your vision of a particular golf getaway a reality, all at a price that is easy to take.  For groups of one to twenty – and more! – we will arrange a trip from your list of courses, or originate a customized itinerary to meet your needs.


Q. Can we play Muirfield?

Muirfield — known officially as The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers — is one of the most difficult courses for visitors to play. It is by invitation only from the Club Secretary. Visitors are welcome for a very limited number of tee times, available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Handicap limits are 18 for men and 24 for women, and in even number parties of two, four, six or eight golfers. Securing a tee time is through an application process to the Secretary, which we make on your behalf. The bulk of allocations are made in May for the following year. An application requires names, home clubs and proofs of handicaps.


Q. Do we need travel insurance?

YES! YES! YES! Penalties charged by accommodations, golf courses, rental car companies or other suppliers for cancellation, interruption or delays during your vacation are often expensive. Refunds are usually not possible. We strongly recommend purchase of travel insurance to protect you financially for unforeseen circumstances or medical emergency, and for baggage loss or damage. Cost of the insurance is minimal in comparison to the peace of mind it delivers.


Q. Are Scottish golf clubs exclusive and formal?

Clubs run the gamut in terms of formality but you’d be surprised at how casual some are, especially the courses at St. Andrews and in the Highlands. Royal Troon and Muirfield have somewhat high-falutin’ reps, but many of the Scotland’s best-loved and most historic courses, including Royal Dornoch and Prestwick, are exceedingly open and welcoming. Just about every club however does expect you to take your cap off when you’re in the clubhouse.


Q. How different is golfing on links compared to inland courses in America and Europe?

Quite different. The sandy soil on the Scottish coast is often fast and firm. Greens are usually very quick and very large (in the case of the Old Course at St. Andrews, massive). If you watch the pros on TV in Scotland, you’ll see they seldom use backspin. You have to run shots up from 20 to 30 years in front of the green. Wind can also significantly affect your putts, so be cautious.


Q. How is Scottish cuisine?

Scottish food has come a long way, though traditional battered fish and chips still reigns on every block in every pub. Trendier restaurants offering a multitude of world flavors sprung up all over the country in recent years. Dinners are still usually on the heavy side.[/show_more]


Q. Can I golf year-round in Scotland?

Pretty much, although the winter months can be dicey. The Highlands can get quite cold, and fierce coastal winds make for tough play in the Aberdeen area. Green fees are quite cheap this time of year, but sunlight also runs out by about 4 p.m., so your window for 18 is small. Certain areas of Scotland usually receive several snowfalls during the winter, but on calm, sunny day’s winter golf here can be quite pleasant.


Q. I’m looking for good nightlife as well as golf. Where should I stay?

St. Andrews was a college town long before it became the world’s most famous golf retreat; accordingly, it has a slew of fun bars that stay open relatively late. There are also lots of golf-themed bars near the Old Course that draw locals as well as tourists. And Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, pulses with great nightspots, from low-key traditional pubs to trendy new cocktail bars.


Q. What currency does Scotland use?

Scotland uses the British pound, which at this writing is very strong against the U.S. dollar.

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