IMPORTANT…What sets us apart from all the rest?



We all live in Naples/Bonita Springs, Florida full time and you can rest assured that we have personally hand picked the hotels and the golf courses. If you were to maybe have an issue, we are here to handle it quick. You are golfing in the #1 Golf Mecca of the world, in a 33 mile area from Ft Myers to Marco Island we have over 296 amazing golf courses to select from. So I ask you, here you are 1,500 miles away, how would you know where to start in selecting your high golf standards of play or where to stay? I’m guessing you wouldn’t. That’s where we come in. For example, of the two price categories, ‘Premier and Classic”, if you were to ask any club pro or an avid Naples local golfer too select the very best top five Public courses that he/she would want to play on day after day…I can guarantee they would have our three golf courses named in the top five of their choice. I GUARANTEE IT! With us there is no guess work, because we are the best of the best! Plus as a bonus, no one offers lunch at the club house restaurant or a welcome Sunday evening reception on the beach at sunset…no one! And our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Tell me about your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


No one in our Golfing Getaway industry does this. It sets us apart from anyone and everyone else. It’s why we are the BEST of the BEST! Yes!, if you are not 100% completely totally satisfied with your Naples Golfing experience, I, Michael DeVolder, owner of legendarygolfgetaways.com will gladly refund your payment. I personally stand behind the hotel and golf course selection that you will be staying in and playing on. It is very important to me that legendarygolfgetaways.com exceeds your expectations.


What does my package include?


We are the BEST in the Golf Getaway business! Wonderful hotel accommodations, confirmed tee times, three rounds (18-hole green fee) shared cart fee, three lunches at the club house restaurant (if available), a meet and greet welcome Sunday evening reception on the beach watching our famous fabulous sunsets and all appropriate taxes (unless otherwise noted). * Tips not included.


What is high demand peak season?


Here in Southwest Florida it refers too November, December, January, February, March and a little bit of April. Normally both February and March are the most popular with the highest demand with often times a premium of higher costs and rates.


When should I be booking my golf package with legendarygolfgetaways.com?


Soon…NOW! Honestly, for example if you wanted to spend time here in November, then sometime in August we should be visiting, on the other hand if you want to come down in January, February or March, then realistically you should be booking in September, October or certainly by November, so that you can be assured of getting a decent tee time, if one at all.


Should I be planning a Naples golf getaway now?


YES! Do not put it off. It might be hot and sunny out your door now, but I promise you come December and February all that changes. What was green now will at some point have a blanket of cold white snow on it. So come down to sunny, hot Naples, Florida…enjoy paradise and play a round of golf on the world’s greatest golf courses, when everyone back home is shoveling out their drive way.


Is any transportation provided to and from the golf course and airport?


No!, any and all transportation is 100% your responsibility. We highly recommend sharing a rental car that you can reserve and pick up at our airport.


Can I have my Golf clubs sent down ahead of time so they are waiting for me at the hotel?


YES, we use SHIPSTICKS.com for all golf club shipments. Simply click on the banner ad from our web site.


How much of a deposit is required?


During high demand, peak season a $200 per person deposit is required to confirm your reservation (November to mid April).


When is the balance due?


THE BALANCE FOR THE ENTIRE PACKAGE IS DUE 60 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR DAY OF ARRIVAL. This assures that all necessary vouchers will be delivered to your mailing address at least 14 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival. Late payments or bookings made within 30 days of arrival may be assessed a $25 express charge to ensure overnight document delivery. International express charges may vary by destination. If you choose, your account may be automatically billed the outstanding balance 60 days prior to travel.


Prices include all taxes and fees.  Contact and billing information is required to reserve your tee times.  Please note that your tee time are subject to availability. We are almost always able to secure your requested tee times (or very close to them), but tee times are not confirmed until you receive an official confirmation from us by email.


Do you need the names of all the golfers in my party?


YES!, we need everyone’s contact information. We need names, address, email and most important their mobile number in case we need to reach them while they are in Naples.


What methods of payment do you accept?


We accept most major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Late payments (within 30 days of arrival date) must be in the form of a credit card. All credit card charges and refunds will appear on your credit card statement under legendarygolfgetaways.com.


Do you accept single reservations?


Yes, yes of course. But understand you will be sharing a room with two beds and one other person. If you prefer to be in a room by yourself you will be paying a 35% additional premium rate.


What are the hotel accommodations like?


Both the Premier and Classic hotels were personally hand picked by the owner of legendarygolfgetaways.com. Each room will have two beds, most likely queen size, WIFI, cable and a hot breakfast in the lobby.


What are your policies regarding cancellations and refunds?


All cancellations will be assessed cancellation fee plus any cancellation penalties imposed by the hotel and or golf courses. It is important to note that many hotels and golf courses have non-refundable deposits and strict cancellation policies due to high demand in peak season. No refunds will be issued if vouchers are received later than 30 days past the voucher date. No refunds will be made for unused portions of the package once any part is used. No office refunds. Refunds will be applied to your credit card. Please allow 4 weeks for processing.


What are your cancellations penalties?


31+ days prior to arrival: $100 per person, plus any prepaid, non-refundable fees.


15-30 days prior to arrival: $150 per person, plus any prepaid, non-refundable fees.


14 days prior to arrival: $200 per person, plus any prepaid, non-refundable fees.


Is there a fee to change my reservation?


legendarygolfgetaways.com golf experts are on hand during office hours to assist you. Each change in a completed golf schedule may be assessed a $5 change fee. Or, if vouchers need to be reissued, a $25 fee may be assessed to rerun and overnight documents.


Is golf attire required at the courses?


YES, proper resort wear is expected. Golf shoes (we suggest spikeless) and collared shirts are required at all times for men. Shorts are acceptable; however, courses with strict dress codes expect shorts to be at least 16″ in length. Please do not wear jeans, cut-offs, tank tops, or sneakers. For women, we recommend golf shoes with socks, collared shirts, and slacks, shorts, or golf skirt.


What if it rains on my day of play?


In case of bad weather, call the golf course and inquire if they are open. legendarygolfgetaways.com will only issue a refund if the golf course is closed on your scheduled day and time of play. If the course is closed, please call our office and let us know. Then, simply write “rain out” on the voucher, along with the name of the person you spoke with at the golf course, and mail it back to us for a full 100% refund. If the course is not closed, legendarygolfgetaways.com has guaranteed a paid round to the course, and should you decide not to play you will be billed as a “no-show.” It is your responsibility to inquire as to the weather related refund policy at each course should your round be interrupted during play. In most cases, the course will issue a “rain check” if you are unable to complete your round.


What is legendarygolfgetaways.com’s responsibility?


legendarygolfgetaways.com and cooperating agents act only in the capacity of agents for the passenger in all matters pertaining to hotel accommodations, golf course reservations and transportation, whether by motor car or plane, etc., and as such they shall not be liable for any injury, personal injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger, or in carrying out arrangements of the tour.


Are my credit card transactions secure?


legendarygolfgetaways.com uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure your transactions are secure. SSL is an industry standard security technology that creates an encrypted link between our server and the web browser on your PC. This ensures that the data you enter remains private. SSL is used by millions of websites to ensure their customer’s online transactions are protected. You will see the lock icon on your browser when you are entering personal data.


How do I book online tee times?


You do not book tee times online, happy to say…”we do it for you!”


What is included in my tee times?


Your tee time includes green fees, cart, and lunch at the course club house (if available) and all taxes. *tips not included.


Will I get the exact tee time I requested?


All tee times are subject to availability and we will attempt to get the closest available tee time. On the request form you may specify additional time parameters such as, one hour before or after.


*Even with our business partnership with each golf course and the high volume of weekly bookings we give them, there are just so many tee times per day, and locals, guests, friends, foreigners and competitors are all trying to secure those elusive valuable tee times. I am happy to say, we normally always get what we request.


How far in advance are we able to book tee times?


Each course has their own policy on how far in advance we can book tee times, but in general, we can book most courses 30 to 60 days in advance of play. (but high demand peak season has it’s own set of rules)


What do I need to take to the course as proof of my tee time?


After we confirm your tee time(s) you will be sent an e-mail regarding your confirmed tee time(s). When you receive this e-mail you should follow the link to login to your account and print your confirmation voucher(s). You should present your voucher to the course when you check in. It is also highly advisable to have photo identification available.


When will I receive my cancellation refund?


Under normal circumstances you should receive a credit to your credit card within ten (10 to 14) days of your cancellation.


What is not included as far as extra cost?


We can only think of airfare, transportation once here and evening meals and the accessional tip.


What if I cannot make my tee time?


If you cannot make your tee time you should call the golf course directly. Courses may assist you by changing your time; however, this is at the sole discretion of the individual golf course. The golf course phone number is located at the top of your confirmation voucher.


Can I change the date, time or number of golfers for my tee time?


 Maybe, all we can say is maybe. (but I would not count on it) Please understand you are booking at the absolute busiest time of the year to golf in Naples. If the situation comes up that you feel you must change your tee time, then you must call the golf course directly. It will be 100% at their discretion.


What if one of the members in my group can’t make it?


legendarygolfgetaways.com cancellation policy is probably the most liberal in the golf travel business. Packages can be canceled up to fourteen days prior to the planned date of arrival with just a $200 processing fee per person. When you are reducing the number of people traveling on a package, rather than cancelling the entire package — we don’t apply the $200 fee at all.


It is also very important to keep in mind that if you reduce the number of people sharing a hotel room — the package rate for the other travelers sharing the room will go up because the cost of the room will be divided by a smaller number of travelers if one cancels!


When is full payment due?


Full payment is due 60 days prior to arrival.


 Can each member of my group pay for his own package?


Yes. Once the group leader books the package, each member of the group can visit the group’s personal, password-protected microsite to pay for their own package. The group leader will have his own password where he can view who has paid and all details on the trip including the status of tee time bookings. Those who prefer to call us can do so at 239-370-4444 to provide their credit card information.


When will I receive my confirmation?


Your golf package will be confirmed to you in three stages:

Stage I: This stage is sent to you shortly after you reserve your package. It confirms that your hotel choice is available and that your package is being processed. At this time, you also receive a hotel brochure, golf course score cards and directions.

Stage II: This stage is sent to you when your tee times are confirmed. It is an opportunity for you to review your itinerary and to make sure that everything is exactly as you expected.

Stage III: This stage is sent to you approximately 14 days before arrival. It contains the vouchers you will present at the hotels and golf courses.


Are tips included?


No, tips are not included! With this being a 100% service industry, we encourage you if you received good service to tip your server at the restaurant, golf caddie, valet, or anyone that enhanced your day. It will always be appreciated.

My name is Michael DeVolder, I live in Naples full time and I own Florida Golf Getaways.com. I take immense pride in personally having selected the very best accommodations and Golf Courses to meet both our high standards.




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